Thoughts On November 9th

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On November 8th, 2016, the United States elected Donald Trump to be the next president.

How do you follow that up? I’ve made it clear what I think of this terrible man, but in a few months, he’ll be my President.

I have friends who are saying that Trump is not their president, but I have to respectfully disagree. He is. He won the electoral college. There were no contested ballots, no signs of widespread fraud. No, he did not get the most votes, but that is how our system works. Yes, the electoral college is fucked up, but it’s also the law. We want differently we need to change it.

Donald Trump is my President. In the coming weeks, I must find some way to accept that. But accepting that doesn’t mean that I have to respect him. I don’t. It doesn’t mean I have to trust him. I don’t. It doesn’t mean I have to support him and give him a chance to be a good president. He does not deserve it.

I Take Trump At His Word

I’ll commonly hear from Trump Supporters about the “Media Spin” that tries to create controversies out of thin air. This is bullshit. I formed my opinions about Trump by listening to what he says when he speaks. When he listed his policies on his website or released his potential names for the supreme court, I read them.

When he says he want’s to do something, I assume he really wants to get it done and that he’ll honor his word and try to do it once he’s in office. Because after hearing what he wants to do, I sought out commentary from experts about what impact those policies would have. This included bipartisan organizations, conservative economists, libertarian think tanks, etc. Yes, I read Progressive sources as well, but I only as an additional source, never the primary.

I cannot respect Trump because of the things he himself says. I cannot respect a man who makes an anti-gay religious zealot his vice president when he says that he’ll respect and protect the interests of our LGBTQ+ community. I cannot respect someone who says they want to help the African American community when they advocate stop and frisk and put Steve Bannon (who managed a website with an entire section devoted to “Black Crime”) as the CEO of his campaign. I cannot respect a man who puts a climate change skeptic at the head of his transition team for the EPA.

I do not respect the media after this election cycle, but their reporting had absolutely no impact on what I think of Donald Trump as the man, and as a candidate. If you supported/support Trump and start saying that he doesn’t really mean what he said, then I’d suggest that it is perhaps you who let your own media influence your perceptions of him.

I Want Trump To Be A Good President

Yes. I’m serious. The President of the United States is one of the most powerful offices in the world, and he is capable of unilaterally changing not just our country, but the world. If President Trump is a terrible leader, everyone suffers. I do not want that. The desire to see an institution go up in flames consequences be damned is what got this man elected and I want no part of that.

But wanting Trump to be a good president and hoping he enacts the policies he campaigned on are mutually exclusive. For him to do the best for the country he can, he cannot be allowed to build his wall, gut our federal government, or roll out effective martial law into our communities nationwide.  Donald Trump doing what he said he would do would make him a bad president.

This alone is reason enough for me to not give him the benefit of the doubt. If he proposes a policy that will Truly help our country, I will support it. But I will not assume he has good intentions, he must prove that he does.

Donald Trump will be my next President, but I refuse to remain silent.

We need action. I don’t know what that action is, I don’t know what I can do yet. But this must be the last election where we let the darker aspects of our nature take control. I am ashamed of my country, but I will not abandon it. We must be better than this because any alternative is unacceptable.

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